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deformedlion inspired lobsta' BJ

when i go down  
(on myself)
i go down forever,
its like a delishhhh
lobsta' dinna;
succulent, juicy,
and quite the
heaven heaves
its way through
the bosom of christ
(our lord), the holey one
whose holes number
eleven and 1.
but that is all crucifixional,
because i know that
his penis is lonely
and that angels
are cleanly cleanly cleanly!
you are the finger
and fing,
your cock is as shrivelled
as your brain, which is as
small as it is large,
you will never find
love till you
start making more money".
--Jessie Spoke--
that was his name, the first
one you blew for
scars. the one with the
matchstick grin, and
loose cheeks.
he loved you, oh, yes
he did. till you poured
holy water in his eye
then he smacked you,
and you felt like the
soul of your soul had
all but decayed.  
he left the next day,
to chase the sun and
drink pints in seedy
your socks are wet.
you sicko

13 Aug 09

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 — DeformedLion

i find it strange. not what i was aiming for- not particularly...
 — DeformedLion

jeezus freakin kreist

eye lick eat

; )
 — fractalcore

i don't get this

i would like to have a name like deformed lion though

oh wait. who posted this?

well. anyway. you start off so well

and then



go down on yourself again
with a wider grin

keep 26-28

and do it again
 — unknown

you're too close to home, baby brother!

when i go down
(on myself)...hahaha!  i think that's funny as hell.  you dog.  you butt sniffer.
again, you go from reference to ref, and idea to idea and really all over the place with the cock and shrivel and all that.  you gotta have just a little class to be crass!   it's like you have to write it like you're reading in between the lions. ;)
and you didn't have me or my poem in mind either, i can tell,
and that just won't do.

sick fuck
would read much better, btw.
and bosom of christ is great.
 — jenakajoffer

it's also totally not fair that you inspired yourself to have a lobster blowjob
on yourself, it's like, what am i?? chopped liver???
 — jenakajoffer