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Me and Ms. Innuendo

she came
to my house
she brought her cat
along with her nice assets
she sat to chat
with her nice pussy
in her lap
she then grabbed my balls
to play pool
and showed me
her impressive rack
our conversation was titillating
we went out back
she played with my cock
or rooster, whatever
you want to call it
we had sex
on our mind that day
but never came
to fruition per say

29 Aug 09

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Clever!  You put Kevin Bloody Wilson to shame.  Well done.
 — CervusWright




good one
 — unknown

had to google KBW
thanks for reading and commenting
mucho grats...
 — JKWeb

I'm glad you like it
thanks much
 — JKWeb

     Waiting.  Peter Pan.    for real... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

 — JKWeb

I see dogs but cats not. cAts maybe come come from egupit but from space again. I think cats have eyes not like man and woman but if you stroke them they make noise like engine and this means they like you. man and woman make sex but not man with cats. PLease take my serioulsy complaint THank you,
 — leaf

 — unknown

Wrong piece, it's Sunday, this is to risque for these parts, anyway Peter Pan, might be waiting with some fairy dust for the Hole thing... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

thank yoU for complaint of my poem
I do take it seriously
 — JKWeb

meow back...holla
thanks for reading
 — JKWeb

thanks for re-visiting
 — JKWeb

I laughed out loud
 — cubbzor

Hilarious and brilliant. I really enjoyed the read.

 — shadowskiss

ha ha ha...smiling as i write ; )
 — eve

thanks Cub-
I'm glad you found it funny
and thanks for faving as well
 — JKWeb

thanks for reading
and the nice comments
 — JKWeb

thanks for reading
glad you enjoyed it ;)
 — JKWeb

i'd switch the title around.
ms. innuendo and me.

i thought that was standard practice - respect and all that; not just pretend non-self-centricism either...

nice poem.
 — unknown

Blatant and obvious, perfect foil to the title.  
 — Isabelle5

I'm considering the title change you suggested
would it read better or is it grammatically correct in your eyes or both?
please let me know...
 — JKWeb

thanks for reading and commenting
 — JKWeb

i think both ways, it's better if you switch.

(also, if you make that switch in yourself. not to be preachy and that - but hey)
 — unknown

also - the repetition of 'came' is ruining this.
l19 doesn't work, at all.

as are the ellipses.

can't think of a suggestion though. so.
 — unknown

*the ellipses don't either.
 — unknown

made some changes, better?
I think the repitition of a word is okay
as long as it's spaced-out in the poem
as you can see, I omitted 'it' from L 19
 — JKWeb

 — JKWeb

Do you need me in the title at all?  Could be just "entertaining Ms Innuendo" or something.  
 — unknown

I was wondering the same thing
much gratitude
 — JKWeb

ho-ho-ho, miss in-your-end-though.
par-don diss boo-dissed PUNkster, JKWeb-ster sir,
butt diss ease reel-lei punny.

tanks sew match, eye left out loud.
jest right on end on till yore pun bleeds know more.

; )
 — fractalcore

thanks fractalcore-
appreciate you diggin' this
from the recent archives..
glad you enjoyed
 — JKWeb

 — unknown

 — JKWeb

LoL :-]
 — unknown

No cliticism here . This was a very enjoyable read.
 — NadCloutier

Ha. Thanks a bunch.
 — JKWeb

as a former bartender, and sexual harrassment compliance officer, this piece makes me smile broadly
 — PaleHorse

Thanks for pulling this from the back catalog.  Glad you like.
 — JKWeb

I liked this one. :P
 — psychofemale

Haben Sie vielen Dank!
 — JKWeb

Love the title--does the work justice.  Well done play on words, much enjoyed.
 — sybarite

Gratias tibi ago.
 — JKWeb

haha! this is kind of genius.
 — pants

Thanks again pants
for reading and nice words.
 — JKWeb

 — raskolniikov

 — JKWeb

Yes yes Yes JK YYYYYEEESSSS! Oh God Yes!
 — unknown

many thanks unknown.  nice impression of Meg Ryan in "When Harry met Sally".
 — JKWeb

this is titillating fun! cutie kitty, i bet! sexy chatty. lol
 — unknown

glad you enjoyed unknown.  thankx.
 — JKWeb

 — mandolyn

pants, your name is kinda genius.
 — mandolyn

nothing even put into a side pocket?
 — unknown

thanks unknown.  will have to consider a part two I suppose.
 — JKWeb

Oh wow! Ambiously written. Love your notty thots! Haha
 — azznurin

glad you seem to like it azznurin.  mucho gracias.
 — JKWeb