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11:04 pm, 3/4--

Sitting in a room my room to be exact
my head seems to be extending outward
encompassing a good deal of the known universe, or,
at very least, my memories and future daydreams.
More my future daydreams I guess.
Or just daydreams, pardon the jib-jab about the past and future—I’m just daydreaming, as I just said.
Anyways, the universe is a pretty small place, as I understand. I don’t mean that. Anyhow I’m sort of floating in space. I’m quite large, about the size of say, mars—though I’m just guessing, I’m just sort of assuming that mars is a certain size; hope we’re on the same page.  
Back in space I float around with planets, stars, asteroids etc. Peaceful would probably be an understatement.
I'm not sure there's a word

7 Sep 09

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haha weird
 — unknown

nice writing. nice structure to it and thoughtful, and the writing pictures the thoughtfulness of the author. the author needn't be that way at all, but the writing represents introspection and care in the placement of words.
 — trashpoodle

an aching silence in space swelling in ellipses all over the place -- this has the feeling of Le Petit Prince by the French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -- sweetly writ, every word in it
 — AlchemiA

I get this. I feel this way at times when all my tortuous existential musings suddenly fuse into a moment of transcendence beyond the confines of time and reality everything is understood in a very brief and elusive glimpse of the sublime.
 — Cocoa

yep, there's a word:


; )
 — fractalcore