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Kvetching for Toklas

"Gai feifen afenyam!Gai kakhen afenyam!"

Who is this be is this here Louise,
  that you so boldly offer to jeeze?
    her bra-less strap you do finger and tease,
      vainly attempting to quiver her knees,
        she coolly proffers back to you Juan’s shades of gris!
Thinly you trace,
  Lizzy smoking in the workplace.
    Teddy doth fervently embrace his/her she-male lace,
      as if in John Housmans: Around-the-World-Wacky-Paper-Race-Eighty-Day-Chase!
Chicken fisting with a blistered listing,
  Greg's carpel tunnel brown wristing,
    and post felatioed glistening,
      due to extreme Roundtree twisting.
Cornelius will stay, crunching his Frito-Lay
  atop Sisnaajini's snowy Navajo toupee'
    Reptilian agenda pays the Greys,
      every other semi-bi-weekly payday Friday
Yet your headless face shall remain,
  inside the hovering, twirling, train
    landing near Dreyfus's flat-top mountain with no name,
      laser blasts like pee pee pain!
        Chubby rain spews into your bristling mane:
          A Habanos scented Lewinsky stain!
            Should have invested in that Supercuts chain!
Contrast! Value! Space and Form!
  Troopers did storm the Wookie Dorm with chloroform
    icing their hot joints until lukewarm
      Huzzah! A  swarm of skywalking spacecraft transform,
        into a magnetic shitstorm of Wampa porn,
          and filibustering robot pachederms to misinform!
Our automotive bailout carbuncle
  funding Supreme Schusters and Simonist Garfunkle…
Platero’s peso bumble and stumble,
  three dollar bill crumble.
    Our nickels-pumple and still skins rumple!
Shedding and Molting!
  Zombie cosmonauts revolting,
    Whilst shaving to quickly, they nicked their Nolte
      plasma drenched upholstery begat the inoculation of poultry
Baphomet vampire ritual chugging blood from sacred chalice,
  downtown at during happy hour at Cheesy Chucks Vorilhon Palace!
    Go ask Alice, about demon the gonad malice,
      an acidic daedalus from the serpentine bukkake phallus!
Milk Moustache Titans of culture clash
  flash your gash and show off your scatological rash
     for cream you’ll dash,
        across the bridges Nash,
            for just a taste of the sacred stash, of scrapple and hash…
or a monte cristo if your so inclined?
  Snort some lines with Larry Fine,
    off of Gertrude Steins ampleur behind
      mostly likely, prettily soon you will find,
        that the worst possible thing that could happen at this time:
          Is that eventually everything will turn out not entirely as terrible as one may have previously predicted.

10 Sep 09

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A shaynem dank dir im pupik!
 — onklcrispy

 — unknown

please clarify your statement/question.
 — onklcrispy

Aaaaaaah!!!! My comment deleted!!! Give me a sec and I will try to remember what I typed.
 — wendz

1. Welcome back, I was looking for some new words from you two days ago and it's uncanny how things work out, ain't it?

2. I love 18 to 21, 25 & 26 (which I shouted loudly in my head lest my co-workers get a fright)

3. This remidns me of Prufrock, for some reason - if I'm completely off mark, it's probably l25 & l26 makes me think of "I grow old; I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled"

4. Do you dare to eat a peach?

5. This sounds lighter, less dark, less sad, less depressed, more resilient than the last few that you have done.

6. I liked this first read, loved it second read, will probably love it more in consequent reads.

7. I love this, and I love you.

Again, welcome back...your magic has been missed.

-- your sis from another planet.
 — wendz

Ha Ha Ha! this really put a smile on my face after a rough night at work.  I love your play on words throughout this masterfully written piece.  I take it that Toklas must be Alice B, yes?
 — PaulS

Loverly Wendsz, thank you for your thoughtful remarks. I didn't have Prufrock in mind, but when I looka at it now, and it is vaguely Prufrockian. It requires more tuning, as punctuation is abhorent. Your graciousness and time are have been done made my day, Love you sis.

Paul, most likely it be is! Or in the very least not quite entirely not who it wont be?
 — onklcrispy

kill me some crack baby.

; )
 — fractalcore

Such a crazy you are
in this your fine times. Too
wonderful and delicious
for a single bite.
 — Bloodfetish

This is great and I love the format
 — psychofemale

Dude, onk, my sides aren't gonna make it... GYAAAAA.

Stanzas 9 and 10 def brought voodoo magic to the fore in my noggin. ;p is that me or intent?
 — Virgil

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