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A Theological Didacticity

   Infinity, Eternity.
             Mono-dynamicity,  Creativity.
                       Spirituality, Celestiality.
       Physicality, Terrestriality.  
  Progenicity, Humanity, Antropo-centricity.
              Edenicity, Duality, Morality.  
Mono-ethnicity, Mono-theisticity, Pro-ethnicity, Anarchicity.
        Hyrogenicity, Eustaticity, Demi-deity, Demonicity.
Poly-ethnicity, Bio-centricity, Diachronicity, Anthro-centricity.
   Judaisicity, Theocentricity, Paganisticity, Poly-theisticity.
     Partheno-genesisticity, Meta-morphisticity, Automorphicity.
Hupo-staticity, Kenosicity, Nativity.
   Mortality, Endeicity, Mirificity.
     |         ∆eå†h,       Bur¡ål,           Resurrect¡øn.
    //        Christianity, Synergeticity, Historicity.
    \\         Theisticity, Agnosticity.        
     |       Anti-theisticity, Hereticity.
     |          Propheticity, Semicity.
  ( •• )     Eternity, Infinity.
    |µ|                         Trinity.

This one's not for the faint of heart
“ity” = state or quality

13 Sep 09

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you are much more cleverer than i thought you were
 — unknown

someone swallowed a thesaurus.
interesting to a point, a beyond
that point, it's incredibly boring.
 — unknown

For the first unknown: thanks for the compliment. For the second unknown: a thesaurus wont give you the a fourth of terms in this piece. I said "this one's not for the faint of heart " but thanks for the look see and consideration.
 — Redlander

poor kid died from the fallen
crucifix chandelier.

gneiss one, Redlander.
; )
 — fractalcore

another interesting
visually entertaining piece..
very cool
 — JKWeb

you might wanna rethink the sequence
of the elements of your triad.

maybe start with:
Infinity, Eternity, Trinity...

and end with:
Trinity, eternity, Infinity.

or something like that, and then excise
some of the innards and reshuffle the
remainder accordingly.

it's just me, you know.
you can leave it as it is and it will still be

: )
 — fractalcore

but then this hinges on some catholic dogma
and contrasting concepts so maybe your
starting it with Trinity is just right.

: )
 — fractalcore

This is just too toothsome!! i can feel it rolling inside my sinuses while i read it. A wonderful poem!
 — 2queer2fear

Very deep! The terms I do understand help me understand some of the sequence of words I'll have to look up the rest. Very Cool as usual
 — frugal

Thank you 2Q2F & Frugal for you comments. And thank you JKWeb it's always nice to get your input on my pieces. I also want to especially thank fractalcore. You always seem to "get" an appreciate my pieces on a deeper level than the average commentor. This was an especially harder read than my usual ones and you seem to "get" it in a way that shows your ability to read my poems on the "wavelength" I mean to present them on. Again thanks.
 — Redlander

Sorry JKWeb didn't mean to ignore your appreciation of my poems, you also seem to get the "wavelength" of my pieces. And it's reflected your comments. Thanks
 — Redlander

 — Liliana

52 "ity"s of the 55 nouns total, like I said this one's not for the faint of heart, not like some of my "fun" pieces, but thanks for the read
 — Redlander

Wow! I'll have to do a 2nd & maybe even a 3rd reading to really comment and rate this one for sure!
 — Ebony

Thanks Ebony hope you get it if and when you do. As I've written it's not a "fun" poem like most of my others. Anyway hope it challenges you in a positive way even though I don't expect anyone to understand all the terms maybe just enough to get the flow and idea of the piece.
 — Redlander