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Chuck and Spot

I have
two black cats -
they're Spot and Chuck.
Chuck has no spot,
but Spot has one.
-so, I chuck
Chuck's chin in case
he's Spot -
he's not.

14 Sep 09

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I love cat poems I have three, both cats and poems about them. Read The Prisoner. Anyway this is cool
 — Redlander

Sorry meant I had three cats and wrote poems about them not that I had three poems about cats actually I've written two. There was a funny one I thought you'd like I read a couple of weeks ago I thought the title was The Prisoner but I guess it's not since I tried to find it and couldn't.
 — Redlander

Hey I have a cat named Spot too!  
Cute little poem--made me think of that tongue-twister--how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, with a Dr. Seuss twist.
 — sybarite

I like your cat poem-
but should 'chuck' in line 6 be 'check' ?
if not, I'm lost at that line
so please 'check' the 'chuck'...meow
 — JKWeb

We..ll, you have to chuck Chuck under his chin to see if he's Spot! That means you push up his little jaw and peek at the underside. That's where Spot has his spot. So... this is about how 'Chuck' got his name!
 — 2queer2fear

I see what you mean now
but think 'check' would work better here..
by 'chucking', it sounds like you're manipulating the cat's head as opposed to 'checking' for the spot...not to be technical or nuthin'
of course, it's always up to you...
 — JKWeb

Well... you know, it's a kitty cat and you like to play with them?? Chuck doesn't mind at all cause you scratch him under there while you're chucking his chin. Maybe someone else who has more experience with cats would understand this right off?? It's not Surrealism like some other poetry. And, why shouldn't you have to play with a poem a little bit just like it was a kitty??
 — 2queer2fear

i like cat poems too
 — DeformedLion

I enjoy poems about cats and wrote one called The Prisoners check it out when you have time. A 10 from me
 — Ebony


i like it!  

i miss chuck.
 — jenakajoffer

i have like 10 cat poems.
 — DeformedLion

seems we are the only 2 people
missing him, jen.

this post is a killer rat,
er, a rat killer,
er killer kat,

; )
 — fractalcore