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Worms by Henry Gibson

I cannot come to terms with worms.

Henry Gibson (The Poet) September 21, 1935 – September 14, 2009

16 Sep 09

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He will have to.
 — unknown

Patacake, patacake, baker's man... Bake me a friend.  Henry Gibson, a standard...
to young to go so old...j.g. smiles    R.I.P. Poet
 — goeszon

Was he the voice of Wilbur from 'Charolette's Web'?  I think he may have been.  He has a good first name and it's nice to see that he wrote a poem about worms just like I did.  ~Henry
 — HenryII

Not really unknown he's to be creamated
 — Ebony

one cannot be too firm with sperm.
 — trashpoodle