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Life's Greatest Lesson

Don't go through life,
pissing on electric fences,
'cuz it hurts like hell.

5 Mar 04

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Ha ha.  My dog does that too, and licks them - it's bloody hilarious to watch and he never learns!
 — unknown

 — unknown

haha... my only sugggestion would be to change peeing to pissing... unless youre from the uk and think pissing means getting drunk. haha. but in general, among americans, the theme of the poem would fit with it... idk... personal preference i guess..? i thik the word peeing makes it osund like a kindergartener. like "i need to peeeeee". but yeah... whatever

great title by the way... haha

hahaha oh man that's great
 — Adrielle

I like this!
 — Mirm

That's a good lesson.
 — generalized

lol short, simply, sweet
i like it
 — beekers

Oh man!! this is yours too?!  Man, that's great! I might have to start a DMU fan club.  I wonder what DMU stands for...
 — Kusko

Surprise, surprise!
 — unknown

my intials of my name
 — dmu_96

You crack me up!
 — aforbing

LOL that's been my experience too   Right up there with don't piss into the wind    ty for your comment on mine and everything:>)
 — sasha277

that is great
 — mylastbreath

LOL   I haven't done it myself but I know a man who did... :D  Great title by the way; there are things in life you'll never learn!
 — tiny

ohh ur the pissing the electric fence guy. ha ha.  interesting...i like ur stuff
 — unknown

Yea.....I nvr done it myself though but we betted my friend it wouldnt hurt just to get him to do it.
 — dmu_96

Deep, maybe not.
 — boothben

 — unknown

LOVE this! So glad I checked this out!  
 — christina

There is nothing interesting here and the subtlety factor is minus ten.

To applaud this is like congratulating a cow for mooing.
 — unknown

congratulations, unknown.
 — unknown

Poem still abysmal but THAT *was* funny.

 — unknown

Look at the Irony of the title and the poem.
 — unknown

Hilariously insane!
 — JohnB

Maybe i'm not reading it from the right angle but to me it just sounds like your throwing off some advice...although i wouldn't say it sux it definitley does not strike me as having any real poetic meaning.
 — Kmbrly

It doesnt really have any poetic meaning it was just comical.
 — dmu_96

mm..some people seem to read too much into things. this is funny as. saw it on a show once, cracked the hell outta me.
 — wendz

The only thing i like about this is the tittle.
 — unknown

makes my peepee hurt just thinking about it
 — unknown

 — dmu_96

Dont piss in Gods eye ether, because he will blink
 — InMyBlood

 — dmu_96

Oh man.  My electric fence was always trusting the wrong people (read motherfuckers). Great job.
 — housepoppy

thats really funni, btw AEOS not everyone from the UK thinks pissing is getting drunk, lol (Laugh Out Loud) anyway thats acctuly pissed!
 — unknown

haha. you get points for making me laugh.
 — SteelAngel

haha!  haven't done it myself, but i can imagine that it hurts like hell....

i didn't know that for some people in the UK, "pissed" means getting drunk!  interesting........
 — woman_power

I like the basic premise: don't do anything dumb.
  It's a funny haiku (pretty sure it is).
 — Hear

haha, a great lesson that gets to the point. very nice.
 — bear