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fear slow
fabric fry
all fuss
stow sick
solice suck
dry spuds

30 Sep 09

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what might seem fully visualized in your mind, might appear on the page as a sketch of a possible theme. taking each word, one by one, and getting into that word means visualizing that word as an object in our world. supposing this was a scene by scene response to an event -- like, to make it trivial, a flag-burning with police, putting away their truncheons -- something which is maybe more powerful as a newspaper story, because it shows more depth?

but, the words here aren't interesting enough to draw me into your world -- and, 'marx' means what to you? in this case, it seems like 'marx' is being used as simply a label -- like 'gay' -- where, we're supposed to know what you're talking about and how you feel about it -- like, just because.
 — trashpoodle

Had a few flemish red's last night.......!!!
 — sir_I_clan

What does this have to do with Marx?
 — Fox

harpo and chico?
 — trashpoodle