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be-nine lives

cat, the bull,
inn duh pull.
he kneads help --
ted, the mouse --
two bee[,] lift-ted
out, off duh what-her
end get inn duh how's
too help the bull, cat,
kill himself width ah
cheese greater.

a kitty-ditty tribute
[of sorts] to life --
what else?

no kitty
was harmed
in the making
of this thing.

: )

16 Oct 09

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this is making me see weird shit dude.

must be the peanut butter magic brownies i just downed. st. exooberee
meets jackeline dupree

(you'd have to replace cheese greater with mandolin though a la bobby fischer)

funes fined for flyin canabbles
 — unknown

i've herd a-bout hashed brown-knees
end duh lei-ill prunes, funes.

nut sew shoo-her a-bout jackal-lean
nor fish-her.

duh cheese greater ease the greatest
cheese, sew eat stays.

tanks fore dropping

: )
 — fractalcore

da' bull 'tis a bull name(d) cat?
'tis interesting--
some fin floatin' in da' pool...

     /  \



 — JKWeb

well, eats either duh
plain ted ore duh
brown ted inn duh
pull float-thing

butt eat shooed bee duh
won grate inn aft uh
bee A-bull two help
cat, the bull, shit, er
kill, him-self width uh
cheese greater.

did you know that that
chinese character means
'sky' or 'heaven' or 'gawd'?

boo-duh bless ewe, JKWeb.

            ;    ewe
eye          we e


    /    \
     : )
 — fractalcore