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the recession, 7th episode

ive missed you
ive been in poland
i dont get along with the girls here either
though they are young
compared to what we saw at the table
i dont mean to complain
tell me how youve been
hows reno
my shitty aunt brought back coke leaf tea from peru
she takes it for headaches
i had a nightmare last night
we were in season three
you had lost your arms to cocaine
laying on the meteor
crawling from line to line like a worm
i was dead but still had to watch and eat doughnuts
i guess i havent used in a while
they said it would be easier to get clean if we kept away from each other
maybe you didnt get my last letter
ive been thinking
i mean, i ride my bike and i think
i know a way out of hell
wikipedia vietnam
learn some nice things about the country
i hear the food is good
with lime and peanuts
and some women will pay you to marry them
maybe you wouldn't get so tense when you think about the jungle
maybe we can teach charlie some good pop songs
teenager in love or some doo wop
place him near the entrance and make a lot of money
show him around reno
get our ratings up, so we can afford more punctuation
like for dream sequences and stuff
i know we can work in some happy episodes
unless that reminds you of your dead kid
i dont know why i never offered him a doughnut
i wish i treated people better
what is your favorite color
im sorry i dont know that about you
i thought of your hawaiian shirt when purple rain came on in pizza hut
i get affectionate when im hungover
i listen to music i havent heard in a long time
your jacket is with me
its raining
im trying to learn to like biking in the rain
if you look across the wheat field you can see trees in the fog
yesterday i thought the trees were on a train
and i was not moving

19 Oct 09

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bike-guy, you tell the best stories!  this is awesome.  
i love the doughnuts, the random mentions of pizza hut and trees in the fog.  
nothing to crit, it all rolled perfectly.  
 — jenakajoffer

I'm Polish, byk in Polish means bull, although once I rode my bicycle from Poland to Spain, that's the trump card of my life
 — bykguy2000

just so you know, i addressed you as bike-guy due to your 'prayer poems,' (3 and 5).
but anyway, now i guess i will call you bull.  ??
maybe not.  you are an interesting writer.  i like your work.
 — jenakajoffer