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P.T.S.D. and Me [Part 2 English translation}

I have two parts to my life
the P.T.S.D. and me.
But know that I have P.T.S.D.
it doesn't have me.
Why I have it I can't say.
In trying to see why
on faith I rely.
When did it happen?
I know the exact date.
It was the death of a buddy
that altered my fate.
Deep in my soul
a heavy weight.
But with the help
of all my veteran friends
a normal life is what
I seek to the end.

22 Oct 09

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Part 2 of 2
 — BxPR

i think i prefer the spanish version, but it is like you said, more romantic.

i would probably change 'of' in line 1 to 'to'.

i would also remove the footnote as you have said somthing similar in your title.

other than that, it is your poem so it is written the way you feel it. good luck with the PTSD.
 — raskolniikov

  raskolniikov I made both of the recommendations you advised. Gracias, gracias y gracias. Tengo une nuevo amigo.
 — BxPR