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There must be 50 reasons for this disorder (revised)

I’m sorry if this poem will cause you pain.
But it’s important so I hope you won’t refain.
Having P.T.S.D. doesn’t mean you are insane.
There must be, fifty reasons for this disorder.
Believe me it’s not my purpose to upset.
And what I say I say with so much true regret.
So consider that I’m trying to connect.
There must be, fifty reasons for this disorder.
Was it Iran Stan?
Or perhaps Afghanistan?
Maybe Iraq Jack.
Just listen to me.
Got P.T.S.D. Lee,
Was the reason Nam, Tom?
Don’t try to avoid Roy
It ain't gotta be.
Done the twelve steps Les?
Don’t mean to digress Bes.
Get all the facts Max.
Pod Two Says Dee.
Strive for success Wes.
Show the world you’ve passed the test.
Don’t you chu hoy boy.
Just you wait and see.
My clinitian told me that group would help me out.
On a path to wellness that it would be the route.
I said that I believed, and I always think about, the
fifty reasons for this disorder.
I’ve learned that it's both the journey and the goal.
And it’s not because we are growing old.
It’s the truth, that now is being told.
There must be, fifty reasons for this disorder.
Desert Storm Norm?
Was it Korea Lea?
World War Two Lou?
It's the P.T.S.D.
Having much pain Jane?
Did the V.A. deny your claim?
It's time to appeal Neal.
Do it for me.
Trouble with trust Rus?
Death of a pal Hal?
It’s all right to cry Sal.
Just listen to me.
Holding it in Tim?
Release it for all for your kin.
Remember it’s not a sin.
You hold the key.
There must be, fifty reasons for this disorder.

                This is a project for a writing group, it goes to the tune of "Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover" by Paul Simon
     "chu hoy" was a program in Vietnam where enemy combatants could surrender without fear or danger, the word basically means "surrender"

26 Oct 09

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funny and sad.
 — Anachocolata

Thank you Anachocolata very much appreciated
 — BxPR

on a quick read, I like the voice and tone of this write.
 — repeatme

Hey  repeatme thanks and I hope you like it if you read again.
 — BxPR