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We go marching
2 x 2 to
live in the zoo
and eat shiny cocktails
that taste just
like mom used to make.
Where did the whirl go?
Why is this frenzy about letting go
and jiving out?
Wouldn't that come naturally,
like sci-fi to Kilgore Trout?
We're pouring out
through sieves and wires.
Growing towards electricity
like trees,
but refusing to believe that
we do tree things.
We have no roots.
We're in ca hoots
with Dionysus and German warfare.
Woh Man! Don't go there!
Sweep the floor with that
brushing criticism
and let the truth lie in
a water bed to
rock on artificial tides.
We collide in frenzy
streetlights are electric
dandelions that kiss
our heads in citrine clarity.
Stars are just the canopy
and our fever lies in the gravity
of moments.
We slow like this
and lick the juices of sweet
connections that speak
in blood and rhythm.
What's the tempo?
Do we still have room to grow
or is it time for
Dollops of sagebrush
dot the tan fields of drought.

28 Oct 09

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oh yes!

de lighted!!

canto find anything i'd change in my read


 — unknown

This reminds me of slam poetry... love it.
 — andyleggett