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Against the wind

When passion rides against the wind,
The seasons shall remain.
The Winter sun still thaws the heart,
The Summer clouds cry rain.
Though Springtime fruits can n'ere be born,
Blossoms still full bloom.
As beauty filled as petals past,
That autumn winds consume.

29 Oct 09

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Seasons will remain, shall is for personal nouns of living creatures only.  (Isn't that a strange grammar rule?)

What does the seasons riding have to do with passion?  It's a nice line but does it mean anything?

I don't really get what you're doing here.  It's not making sense, just sounds as if it does.
 — Isabelle5

Hm, nice, reminds me of Millay a bit...
I agree with Isabelle, not because of grammar (rules are for the elite!), but because I feel "will remain" sounds more definite than shall.
I get the image though: it's like you're walking against the wind, trying to fulfill your passion, and when both you and the wind are gone, the certainty of the seasons (life, death) is what will remain.
I like this a lot.
 — andyleggett

It was written for a play about an elderly man who was a repressed, closet homosexual. His 'passion rode against the wind' of normality.
If he had taken a gay lover, his love would be no different to heterosexual love-'the seasons shall remain' but, he would have no heirs- 'Springtime fruits'.

I've found that my gay friends have understood it straight away. My straight friends ask what it means.

I also used Seasons 'shall' instead of 'will' purely for its softer sound.
Thankyou all. M x
 — Mckarash

See, I'm gay, and I totally didn't get it. lol
I mean, I think it works whether you get it or not... but that's interesting. I tend to not be good at getting coded things, though; a bit slow.
 — andyleggett