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unbeeknownst won: bardot A-bomb

fore when he cums
thy wilting bee donned?
farce progresses forcibly
far out there day dare
vectors pointing pointedly
back-end froth
un-dare yore knows
unbeeknownst won, hour dearie
eye do duh minute pose of weary
fore ewe shall re-mane -- yore hare
ease drained -- butt re-name ewe shall
yore head fool of air, duh heir opt dare
held hi buy broken heels on hills
off well-meaning mean mini's
meaning nut-thing gooed atoll.
un-sheath thy soared sore eyes
end sea my sorry appall-orgy.
ewe sea, wee are duh same,
ewe end eye: balled eye-two-eye.
butt eye pay know@tension.too
duh me-can-nicks off hæir.gun.too.long
fore my thawt frothed thought came, ergot
inn duh weigh off my hydroinsanephallus.
sorry a-gain, my a-queen-tense,
gnaw ewe kin lose my head.

written 10/16/2009 in the thread,
'ignore poodle, a collective masque:'
@ http://www.poetrycritical.net/forum/read/205348/
and posted on the same day in the now-defunct link,

just [my] un illogical rxn 2wats going
on hear end dare.

hope sirs goeszon, ambiguos, & BxPR
would join inn too enlist, err enrich, duh legacy.
tanks fur duh 'Bard of Avon' riff, buy duh weigh.

butt, most o'fall, hi end tanks two duh heisters, trashpoodle [for starting the most wonderful threads there are, and for the poetry] & JKWeb [for starting that other thread that warmed me up for this one, and for always being so game about these stuff, and for the poetry, too].


ewe dare, seer AlchemiA?
yore soared awaits ewe.


guys --

take her
or leave

{actC++fartsy R(0,0), bardot A-dumb [see(r)k-ah 2009],
wear whY wasp overkilled width an aXe buy ah Zfur}


tanks a-gain, tracks-poo-dull.

    /   \
     : )

30 Oct 09

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minor tweak on |27.

    /    \
     ; )
— unknown

an-utter my-noir tweak on |15.
; )
— noose_die_ve


: )
— fractalcore

yea, gnaw eye
wilt, lose my

: )
— fractalcore

oof, ignore me, frac -- it's healthier! but, this was a really fun game, yes...
— trashpoodle

sometimes, it hurts my eyes
to read your po8ry--you've a language all your own

though a fun read indeed...
— JKWeb

oof, ignore poodle,
best way.
— unknown

ignore all unknowns,
including me,
best way.
— unknown

mike jordan
mike jackson
mike francis
mike johnston?

who could ever ignore them? and they
try to lead very healthy lives, i'm sure.

it's always a great pleasure writing with
you, mike. otherwise, i just lurk and
follow your threads.

no one should expect you to be nice on
his own terms. you share so much and
you've shared stuff that's too much for
us to process at times. you need the
antagonistic agenda part of the deal for
it to be healthy at all.

i'm learning more everyday from every
one -- thanks for being a really big part
of it.

eye'em all-weighs one over buy unkeys'
case end eats gooed too sea damn sweat
eat out lie-ick dot end eye'eve grrrrr-own
too love damn over duh ye-ears.

day may-ick my day, two -- eats too-wise
duh fawn.

    /    \
     : )
— fractalcore

tank ewe sew match, JKWeb-ster.
eats all-weighs ah grate awe-noir
two bee wry-ting width ewe.

: )
— fractalcore

end, um, soary ah-bout yore ice, JKWeb-ster.
eye-ill try two mellow eat down next tie'em.

: )
— fractalcore

oof, trashpoodle is licking the poop again.
— unknown

there is no language all fractalcore's own here.

this is onomatopoeic restructuring of sounds in already existing words.

this is like cell phone texting, but with longer words. nothing original here.
— unknown

two dee yunkees,

tanks two ewe fore grazing dis page.
con-tin-ewe leaving well end hell-thee.

; )
— fractalcore

this reminds me of dizzie rascal.
— a2b489

hi, a2b489.

who/what is dizzie rascal?
sorry, i'm too lazy to do a google right now,
but thanks so much for stopping

; )
— fractalcore

I've fallen on my sword and the whole in my heart bled in bees 'n birds that did not know how to say the words; tweet, twitter 'n buzz that you've found in the onomatopoeia of your fractalEYEsed writes -- wondrous writing fracTalisciousness, you've a talent for getting under the fatal-skin we're in
— AlchemiA
 — fractalcore

may-bee yore ex-kali-boor ease
way-ting fore eats coo-ween too
ex-track eat fur'em yore blah'd

ewe sea width dee hhh'art's aye
eh-nee-weigh sew know soared
kin e'er blind ewe.

tanks fore yore precious tie'em.
; )
 — fractalcore

; )
 — fractalcore

you're all akimbo.

false gawds!

I would pity you but for
 — unknown

me? i'm just one who hopes that art would allow me
to live another day.

art is king/gawd, dear unk, and that's why you and
i are here.


     /    \
      : )
 — fractalcore

Somehow, you manage to channel Plath, Buddha, and Hal the computer from "2001 A Space Odyssey." Very disconcerting. Sweet dreams.
 — NicMichaels

well, that makes for a disconcerting comment
to dream about -- are they the new-age trinity?
oh, doG forbid, bow-wow.

i'm glad you managed to take notice of this.
so long, Nic.

; )
 — fractalcore

u always write interesting
 — psychofemale

hi psychofemale,

it's interesting that you're interested
in interesting things.

glad to always have you around.

; )
 — fractalcore

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from womb to tomb -- "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. -- T.S. Eliot
 — AlchemiA