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Our Autumnal Renewal of Love Revised

When I reworked this poem I dscovered a new meaning.

Like vintage wine  
our affection deepens  
with every year.  
Like aged cheese  
our wisdom ripens  
with the measure  
of time.  
For the bells toll forth  
and ring in the seasons  
as our time together  
ebbs and flows in the  
steady rhythm of  
familiar ritual.  
Each day presents  
some promise  
some peril  
the darks and lights  
rise and fall with  
the predictable breath
of setting suns  
and rising moons.  
But just as the crest of  
dawn hovers  
like a stealth  
and cunning bandit,  
I still find refuge  
in the warm  
ivory folds of your  
strong and loving arms.

12 Nov 09

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Very nice poem, with a good comfortable feeling of Love. Seasons passing Love remains steady. Please read "Autumn Comes".
 — JohnW