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anatomy of a smile

for brenna

     her hair:
curly locks spill with irish browns
carrying coiled glimmers of light
over a mosaic of toasted freckles.
     her eyes:
blue and green mandalas
copulate to weave the iris of her eyes
and seduce me with sacred geometry.
     her smile:
a dimple surrenders beneath delicate lips
that reach with youthful ambition
to color her face with a smile.
she is beautiful.

27 Nov 09

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lovely!! thank you. Les Cloke
 — unknown

thanks for the read/compliment
 — unknown

ah yes you're very welcome!! Les
 — unknown

nice one-
it's difficult to write this type of poem
without seeming cheesy-
but you've managed this very well..
 — JKWeb

much obliged JK
 — unknown

I agree with JK, you did it by overcoming cheesyness. It's quite elegant as well as simple, and I imagine it brought brenna a smile.
 — ashtray

thanks for the read. this type of poem always runs the risk of cheesyness and ive definitely fallen for that trap before
 — unknown

nice write
 — unknown

sweet. i especially like lines 5&6
 — unknown