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you took life literally

your naked ass your dream
feels the stale hallway wind
drinking fountain footpedal
cooler than the water- you
you made you- your dream come true
lifted the heavy Doors of Your
school with a grin
                      and blared itt t t t!
dignified your breakthrough
with the courage used to share it*
"and she was off!" we say at lunch
warm with jealous pride
your life began, and bang you were!
didnt even say goodbye
you dreamt you did and did it
"man that was my dream too!"
which of course you knew we knew
you woke up more than we did, Sue.
your dream come true- we dream of you


12 Mar 04

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FrChris, help me out!
no good?  or too hard hard to interpret?
it's fiction written personal so it's meant to be "gotten" by most everyone.
 — gnormal

i'm sorry but i dont get it. :-/
 — imissyou

FrChris, help me out!
 — gnormal

help with this poem:

being at school or work naked
or in underwear
is a common dream
 — gnormal

i just renamed it from
left your lucky rubber band in your empty locker
which sounded symbolic but wasnt and i apologize.
this title is better.
 — gnormal

Overall gnormal...this is pretty confusing and hard on the mind.  But I must say, I love lines 3-4...those are awesome.  I like that idea and image. It happens to me a lot.  The pedal is cooler then the water, or the rerigerator is cooler than what's inside.

Now I'm going to take a stab at understanding this...someone dreamed about putting their ass on a drinking fountain pedal, and then, went and made it come true by actually doing it? I want to get to know this person.  If I'm getting this right so far, the person walks into school pretty proud of him/herself. And with extreme confidence. Lines 11 through 14 I just don't get...they don't seem to add to the poem really. No offense.  They're probably there for a reason though.  

"You woke up more than we did, Sioux" I like that really.   It makes it seem like Sioux is the one taking life seriously in this poem, and woke up from the other people's fantasy world.  If so...I really like this.

This poem is a bit hard to grasp at first gnormal. I read it maybe three days ago, but didn't quite get it and was on a press for time. But I re-read it today, and it seems to make more sense.  I really rather like it. Unique and philosophical.~Chris King 10/10
 — FrChris

this is it:
a girl has a recurring dream that she is suddenly in school (or work) naked.
she realizes that this must be a common dream.
she wonders what would happen if she "makes her dream come true."
she decides to try.
this act, stepping into the unknown, gives her great courage.
following this escapade, she may have been kicked out.
but she hardly knows or cares because she took off from the tiny atmosphere she was in (school/work) for something far away and more grand.
and the rest are left to gossip, admiringly;
some, finally, aware of her inspiration
and meta(-)physical challenge.
 — gnormal

hehe...damn straight this is genius. didn't get it until after explanation, but there was just an insouciance (think i spelt it wrong) about this...11 to 14 i especially like.
 — wendz

i like it, but what's with the smiley on line 17?
 — aerol


: )
 — fractalcore

a random?

well, very nice to read it again, genius.
: )
 — fractalcore

"you are already naked."
- steve jobs
 — gnormal