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Fragmentary Evidence

It’s been so long since everything,
Rust, romaine lettuce, oxidation,
A dial of time, the exuberance of swords.
Set the pace and tidy up, lie, lie,
Beast and folklore, so long distraught
In peace, blooms in no particular direction.
Home along, home despair, end with no “fin”;
They don’t come witty anymore, just continuous;
Self-aware burden of choice rot into green.
The cavalcades once roamed, once thundered,
Once deposed by parking lots in traffic,
Lights, klaxons, lacking etiquette on the road.
Where to? Wherefore? Night constant
Sweat, beneath sheets, for moans and curling
Toes, wherefore? A conquest howl.
Giddy bids for machinations full-time
Shop clock elevation, identity exploration
A concerned masturbation with spiritual highs.
In books live ghosts and striders, quick
Check, light, gleam, drum, drum, dancing
Beat: It’s mostly the same, sans dignity.
Not a bone in my soul, rhythm stretch,
Not a soul in my bone, picture frame,
Laugh, no derision; deride, don’t goad.
Sonic subsonic, the world is a
Metronome, my will inert, my will
Back and forth and along and along.
Listen to your sprain, blue green
purple accusation that swelled from
the earth below, crick-crickety-croak
Accident with no reproach, only due,
Harden, hasten, harden, recover, hoard
Reproduce, fuck, folly, fuck, fuck.

12 Dec 09

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great poem-
I have no knits or crits...
 — JKWeb

thanks! I was worried it was a bit out-there, but I'm really glad you liked it.
 — ashtray

no, it is a bit out there.
 — unknown

you better have another smoke
 — unknown

I wonder if another smoke will help...
 — ashtray