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Christmas 1968 VietNam (Version 2)

Twas Christmas night or rather the day just before
as the spirit of the season had begun to soar.
Remembering celebration of the holiday best
till reality strikes by the demons of Death.
Arriving with fear, creating cries and screams
as they rob the youth, health and life of fellow Marines.
Making me yearn for safety, family, happiness, shalom
instead of suffering and death in this now jungle home.
Taught many skills foremost to kill.
And promised a dream that can’t be redeemed.
Radioman on ambush December 24th of year 68,
it’s pitchblack and downpouring as I consider my fate.
“Oscar Poppa Two, Oscar Poppa Two, sit rep,” the radio suddenly squaks,
“Oscar Poppa Two, Oscar Poppa Two, sit rep,” the sound seems to grow,
stopping my reminiscing of a time long ago.
I key once, in the standard reply
remembering home I let out a sigh.
Once for OK, not keying means  danger
I think of Joseph and Mary, and God in the manger.
Listening for demons, I pray for a sign.
something that tells me loved ones are fine.
But this is the Nam so I continue to listen
when suddenly I hear a low hushed transmission.
It comes around midnight, or so there about,
“Oscar Poppa Two, Oscar Poppa Two...Merry Christmas...out”

14 Dec 09

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