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The Mitosis of Cyborg

wiki wiki wikipedia in my veins
wiki wiki wiki pedia goin insane

17 Dec 09

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I don't know how to comment on this. Is there really a point other than for entertainment? No offense intended (really). :)
 — laura352

oh, i love it . it sucks
 — DeformedLion

looking at the words and the, how can i say it ( i'll have to wiki ), 'Fibonacci sequence' -- kneel in awe -- i have to comment and cannot help myself: this is the most brilliant scientific inquiry into poetry i have ever seen ( -- wiki'ing... yes, nothing more brilliant comes up), and i congratulate the genius of this author.
 — bmikebauer

lol, as a play I gotta say, this haliTosis is a write that lingers out-o-sight ;) wikiD write
 — AlchemiA

are ewe out off yore wikid sigh-berg my-end,

how doo eye don-ate too wiki, buy duh weigh?
; )
 — fractalcore

.. i have to say cistic fibrosis because haliotosis is taken.. 10

-- Leaf Rainbow
 — unknown

Mike, if this is brilliance to you, no wonder you don't think much of some of the real poetry here.  As a slap at Jenni's Cyborg, it's not even close.  
 — Isabelle5

isabelle, i really feel hurt. how can i say it... well, i can't. this brilliant poem says it all... whatever it is... obviously, at least 4 or 5 people here in p.c. depend on wiki to sound intelligent.

height of civilization... ( i'll wiki-up to say exactly which ).

: )
 — bmikebauer

.. are you calling me a slapper?! .. that's fighting talk where i'm from.. ;)

-- Leaf Rainbow
 — unknown

Jenni's Cyborg???
 — DeformedLion

jenni = mong/joel chandler harrison et all. not, jen.
 — bmikebauer

but why would you, say, slap a cyborg? it seems rather like calling the toaster black and then calling it the n word, and then calling george w the messiah over cranberry tea
 — DeformedLion

maybe it's too much manga or graphic novels. people start to think that it's all about the plot, and if they think 'cyborg' or something is hip, they'll sketch out a concept and add some dialog. it's not art, but it's done on art-board.
 — bmikebauer

It's not a slap!
 — unknown

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