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i am fruity, have you had your five today?

all fruit
of the body
skin pulse meat
nuts ...
i am hungry
i am toothless

17 Dec 09

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this is very clever.
 — bmikebauer

clever and a hell of an invite.
 — unknown

skin, pulse, meat, bone & nuts
make 5 -- can i have the sexth
part, please?

; )
 — fractalcore

the sixth part, meant to metamorphose into saintliness, fell, instead, on deaf ears. and, not gently.
 — bmikebauer

wish eye cooed give her the meat
which aye don't get to eat
that much these daze.

fruit is gooed.
: )
 — fractalcore

I hate anonymous poems!!!
I relate to this poem. >:3
 — Memo213

Lol@fractalcore XD
 — laura352

Very cute and punny.
 — Isabelle5

Not enough for the Top.  Knocking it down a peg.
 — aurelius

I read this every other day.

It makes me happy.
 — laura352

It may just be me, but this kinda gets a bit sexual depending when I read it xD
 — Callisto

Haha pretty sure it was really meant to be sexual, Callisto lol
 — laura352

skin pulse meat

^ let me summarize these 3 lines

 — Sequiturist

haha toothless.
 — mandolyn

cleverest piece of sexual guile i have read in a long time. good,
 — unknown

lol @ Sequiturist
 — laura352

Y'all made my red wine blush appropriate to the occasion
 — bettalpha