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The little fool

The little fool has lost her way.
As clouds of fog for roll far and grey
A bell clangs out across the bay,
The little fool has lost her way.
What fear or shock or strange malady
Should blind her to that memory?
What dreadful events to convey
Caused her to be a castaway?
The vista’s a forlorn survey,
No mark of time to gauge the day,
No justice here or equity.
The world now seems so far away.
Whose dreams are these where margins stray?
On glassy sea’s, the sky will lay.
The calm upon her nerves will fray,
And now, how this becomes so fey.
Through veils of misty density,
Appear the shapes of fantasy,
The masks of death and sea’s decay
Turn to stare, to watch her darkly.
Sea spectres form a grim display,
Malevolent, grotesquely gay,
And all around she hears them bray
‘The little fool has lost her way’.
Deep in the depths, a serpent’s flay
Sets the craft in violent sway,
The rise and fall, the crash and spray,
To wrench her from mortality.
Downward glides the lifeless body,
Beyond the reach of solar ray,
Down below the waves and eddy
The little fool has lost her way.

21 Dec 09

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aw. bumma. do you think you possibly make 'eddy'  . .. 'teddy'?
 — unknown

No I bloody well can't, you bloody idiot!
 — matrinh20

This is an interesting poem in form and story. I can't say that I am a fan of the repetitive rhyme, but if used, I think should maintain consistency, as in; equity, day, survey, away, equity doesn't fit, the same with mortality, same misfit. This is hard to do and requires much thought and patience. Good luck!
 — JohnW