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We Could Be Married

We Could Be Married
By Uriah Lee Hamilton
Catching every flower-petal dream
That falls on summer lawns,
I find my childhood still alive
In the park-like innocence
Of all my thoughts.
Meet me at dawn
In the apple orchard
Beneath the blue sky.
Destiny has designed
Our mutual happiness.

1 Jan 10

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a nice sweet poem which feels like it was written true. no artificial sweeteners, and with real butter. that's good in a poem!!
 — bmikebauer


: )
 — fractalcore

good poem
 — unknown

No hydrogented oil! PURE delight! (in agreement to what bauer said)
 — mandolyn

mandolyn is dumb
 — unknown

love this
 — psychofemale

dumb? c'mon you can do better than that. A geek wad would of been better.
 — mandolyn