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maybeægle monoDIAlogue

i’ll make us our own igloo in your yard
for the entire duration of winter
would you like that?
we’ll exchange eskimo kisses
polar bear hugs
you’ll show me the whole of oradea on a sled, just you and i
we’ll be pulled by a dozen beagles
maybee 2 dozens... if you’ve gained so much weight when we meet
at certain stops we’ll hug and roll in the snow
throw snowballs at each other
maybee you’ll teach me how to skate at some wide sea of ice at a faraway place
on top of the 1 or 2 dozens, there’ll be a pack leader called maybeægle, so there’ll be 13 or 25 of them all
surely, maybeægle’s nose will be
heart-shaped red
chocky looks so healthy and fat
he can lead the pack if he wants


written 1/5/10

for my bestest friend and soulmate, nisetru,
with all the love in the Universe —{@

i miss yo so much.
i'm more in love with you each day.

Eternity be fulfilled,

     /   \
      : )

8 Jan 10

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 — nisetru

yes, you are.

and i changed the title
a little bit.


     /   \
      : )
 — fractalcore

made me grin with the sweetness there-in your poem 'bout 'shnookums' or rubbing noses together and laughing in an igloo, u 'n nisetru and maybeægle’s nose too :)
 — AlchemiA

how cute. very tres jolie. enjoyed.
gypsy pigs are wonderful. thanks.
 — unknown

thanks, Alc and unk.
: )
 — fractalcore