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prayer 6

still, mosquitoes have prevented young lovers
ow, this hurts
sorry, babe
lets get out of here
maybe you have no opinion on the matter, and feel nothing
is it possible you have no sympathy for young lovers
or you have lost patience with the inexperienced
who stumble into candy stores  
maybe we should think about their needs
im sorry
i am a sad drunken letter
its the rain
did this happen
the mosquito is better than me
he is not spiteful or brave, but a mosquito
he does what mosquitoes do
he does not make mistakes
with my help he will live a hundred years in this room
drinking from my children as they sleep
i try to throw the bed sheets over him and smother him
sometimes babies cry at night
or dogs bark
where are you?
a white butterfly that turns invisible when it lands
drinks a beer
i don’t mind if you want the lights off
lots of things make sense
im sure im going to hell
its sad
i don’t want to go

13 Jan 10

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I really like this. It's very powerful.
 — laura352

damn, you kill me with this stuff.
 — jenakajoffer