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Jimmy in Iowa City (James Dean Poem)

Talking to James Dean over coffee—
Discussing masculinity, the perplexity of being a modern man while the moral catastrophe that is the Jersey Shore is being broadcast on national television. A bus ticket sits at an empty table. We are in the third City of Literature among all the college guy football players. There is a snowstorm and everyone dresses better in the winter.
My heroic forehead shines when his match ignites sulfur and burns--
And he looks happy, burning in his immortality, so I stare at him. My Rimbaud complex solved but not quite real.

27 Jan 10

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Is this a poem or a short story?  I love the scene, especially the Rimbaud complex.  I have one, too.  But I'm not sure this belongs here.
I'd remove his name from the first line, or from the title.
 — aurelius