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"Time flies when you never know the date."
A time-warped eye looks through sullen glass
as I try to cry,
but can't.
My iris is too dry
to fake an emotion
that is void of
I throw my hand through mirrored frames
and watch it raisen.
With each shell,
my fingers graze through grains of
sun-stained capsules of memories.
By the time I get through one window,
I forget the previous.
Each moment I experience feels
These, glimpses are subconsciously
aging my mind.
If only I could speed this process,
kill some time.
Maybe skip
And then I realize,
"Time slows when you have no escape."

I wrote this poem in between the first and last lines.

29 Jan 10

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I like this, probably because I relate so well to it. The concept of time has always intrigued me, for this very reason, that it can pass quickly or slowly depending on ones perspective. Good imagery on the mirrored frames, kind of like multi dimensional existence in the now. Good write
 — JohnW

Cool poem.  I like the expansion.  Though the repeat of 'frame' in the 2nd strophe made for a bumpy read.  Maybe you could replace 'frame' in line 11 with 'fringe' and the 'frame' in line 14 with 'structure' or 'outline'.  What do you think?  Overall, enjoyed reading.
 — JKWeb

I see what you mean. I changed a couple of those frames to other words.
 — cubbzor

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