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an artist through
and through, i am
a boy and a man
juggled in a chamber,
meant to thread
multicolored fibers,
spinning spindles --
telekinetic, eyes
fixated, hands smoothing
the curves of your layered
person, coercing arson
against my multifarious
need of you, my greed
for your vocal orifice
       that's s'posed to suffice
       in filling the gaping void;
way more childish and mature
than any certainty's eventual
overture on its own behalf,
i have found you:*


written feb 14, 2010

for Diana Jiganie, my nisetru,
with all the love in the multi-verse

Eternity be fulfilled

     /   \
      : )

14 Feb 10

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happy valentine's day, fract,
nice poem for nise,
 — jenakajoffer

sweet beLoved valenTines - cliche' is best served authentically -- nIce fractaLisciousness
 — AlchemiA

happy v-day to ewe, jen.

and to you, Alc.

; )
 — fractalcore

Nice poem.  I like the whole write but especially the 1st stanza.  Enjoyed reading.
 — JKWeb

thanks, mr JKWebster sir.

may i know why you like the 1st
stanza better than the rest?

: )
 — fractalcore

I like the wording and the picture you painted with that stanza.  Plus it brought to mind "I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper which is a great song.  Though I'm sure that's not what you were trying to convey.  :J
 — JKWeb

oh, you got some heavy rock
stashed under the hood.

very cool song.

love is a cliche we can never
live without, i think. [see Alc's
comment above?] and this
piece has 'cliche' written all
over it, of which i'm proud,
pride being my sort of cliche
on certain occasions, hehe.

thanks for your kindness always.
: )
 — fractalcore