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A Trinitarian Couplet

Know the Godhead is three in one
Father, Spirit and God the Son

21 Feb 10

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huh, a 3fer special?
 — unknown

sun off a 3-barreled gone.

; )
 — fractalcore

the yellow footed tooth fairy is the supreme deity in this universe

and so it was said
and so it came to pass

truth self evident
just ask any dentist
 — unknown

using the 'god the son' is quirky. the formula for a poem would have been 'god the father, god the spirit, god the son.'

a poem is really about the word's patterns and textures, how that fills the void in the reader. the 'content' is just an afterglow and not really part of the poem. working the content to be the poem simply makes this propaganda poster or graffiti. the purpose of this... but, maybe it's some religious club thing and not real revelation, so it's not fair to expect it to be beautiful when the author maybe thought that just writing these words themselves was obvious and of the spirit. it was of the keyboard, i think.
 — bmikebauer

 — mandolyn

Hey bmikebauer & mandolyn thank you both for the kind comments and rating mandolyn.
 — frugal

A simple piece for a mind-boggling concept......i like it, though.  It could be tightened up just a bit further even, if you wish.....
"Know the Godhead, three in One
Father, Spirit, Holy Son"

I know that Holy is usually paired with Spirit, but it works for the Son as well, since they are all One!

 — Tandisol

Thanks Tandisol for the comments and advice but I choose "God the Son" specifically because it declares the deity rather than His holiness. Thanks again Tandisol I appreciate your taking time to read and comment.
 — frugal