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A perfect vision

"The lord is my shepherd." Is this your lord, this savior of all beings? Is this how you see this 'Almighty Power'? We, human beings, are considered sheep! Do we follow blindly by his side? Cut our feet on the jagged rocks of betrayel and pass it off as his wonderful plan? Do we line up single file like little children and jump one after the other into an abyss, never ending? Do we sacrifice what little life we have for this 'omnipotent being', to make his world engulfed in darwinism a perfect place? Do we destroy all past relations to bind our selves close to this BEAST?! Is this our promise land?!
So destroy all playgrounds, once filled with memorys so fond and the laughter of little children. For once we follow, we have no time to play. A life of God is a life of work, slavery. So construct shrines, to symbolize our 'love', just like we do everywhere else. Show your faith with simple slice and let the red love flow in his name. Now its a race, whoever creates the most and richest shrine wins and will be saved.
Repent, for the lord tells us too. Destroy all factorys, and create in his hands. Turn the factory around, and manufactor crosses by the thousands. Created with material hazardous for the soul, and found only in the heart of children. Do not question his methods or ways, for it tis not allowed. God works in a mysterious ways, shrowded in secrecy, he decides to play a quick game of 'Guess Who?' with us. So if anyone trys to stop you, he is not in the way of God. Infiltrate his life and eliminate all loved ones, and excuse yourself, for god has said so.
REPENT! Its time to create the perfect world. Round up all women, objectify and rape. Travel to every village, force religion and pillage. Take all children, block the onslaught of disobeyers with tiny bodys of innocence. They were murdered for him, its excused.
And when its all over, repent the only way how. Why wait when you can have it all now! And only at a small price, you to can go to heaven. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Its so simple! To heaven you go, REPENT! With a ringing bang and the drop of bullet shell, your on your way. Drive safely, ignore all atheists, and buckle your seatbelt.

18 Mar 04

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Jesus will kill you in his second coming. God didnt put us on this earth to be writtin no blasphemies. hahahaha great work
 — PictursRhung

jesus rocks dude... mel gibson says so...but seriously i enjoyed this one alot.
 — seth

Thanks guys. A few typos though
 — Me_eM

Well obviously the intelligent don't follow Jesus.
Check some of my poetry out.
Oh yea Passion of Christ made me laugh.
I loved seeing that bastard get the T-Total shit beat out of him.
Son of God my foot.
 — dmu_96

this poem is very theological
good job
 — normalgirl90

Hmm, it makes perfect sense it does!
 — unknown