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nEVERnah booduh n' child

eve' --
pretty collar
bone she
tell me,
what's a monkyear
compared to a lay-tier?
year mOm must bee bald
end ore-hinge-skinned,
come back hOMe...

written 2/23/10

for Diana Jiganie, my nisetru

thanks to

jenakajoffer for the thread here:

and for unknown, rubber mandolyn and AlchemiA
for the push

     /   \
      : )

28 Feb 10

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I love this one too. You're writing style is just so wonderful!
– Casiobone

rubber mandolyn!!?
Why I oughtta....


– mandolyn

it's the season for bees and bugs
and spy-dares, two.

'only one' never makes two but it takes
only one person to make another person's
life too hard to handle.

can you see booduh crosslegged in the peace?
; )
– fractalcore


thank you so much for reading.
: )
– fractalcore

yes, deaf-innately rubber mandolyn.

; )
– fractalcore

how bout velvet mandolyn
silkwood mandolyn
monkey mandolyn?
– mandolyn

nope, it's my call.

if you don't like it,
call your law-year
and lock me up in
the sewage.

; )
– fractalcore

But my law-year is vacay- shun -eeng in doo joognle.
Up yer nose wit a rubber hose.
– mandolyn

welp, eats a duh-duh-duh-jangling
out dare with the apemonks spinning
their rubber sundials.

whose dot smell dripping down yore

; )
– fractalcore

rubber sandials- methinks ewe squeak of crocks.
Eye m anti - croc.
da smull uf laughindur m-aches mii sic.
– mandolyn

there ain't no crocs in sundials,
RUBBER mandolyn.

go speak to booduh and he'll tell
on me, tell ewe what i'm in.

; )
– fractalcore

booduzn't haf me digitz.
– mandolyn

knowp, butt daunt fidget.
peephole daunt give a damn
end he all weighs gets eat.

; )
– fractalcore

Aye boot me digitz be hyding frum dee auld bewduh.
weez inimees.
– mandolyn

geez, hand him the cheese.

ore bet-her yet, hand him duh
rubber hanky, yeah.

hiss rub-her knows wanna
run a mock of meccah.

yeah, owe.

oh, know.

; )
– fractalcore

howz bout I'z hand himz me'z fist o fuer-ee?
– mandolyn

ooh, bahd ID-yeah --
brews lei ease at duh
gait waiting fur yah...

unless you wanna
kiss hiss nunchaku
buttcheeks, huh?

; )
– fractalcore

ere moom
– mandolyn

ergo, wacko?

; )
– fractalcore
 — fractalcore

jane eyre go again!
 — mandolyn

eight, ate, 8, or innate? make it a nine.
 — Redlander

yes, RUBBER mandolyn.

hear wee go again...

; )
 — fractalcore


thanks for stopping


; )
 — fractalcore

Ere wii goeth round und round da cr8zee.
 — mandolyn

you wanna see goethe do the trampoline?

yeah, round and round goes
the circle of life, the life
that he lived and knowed.

; )
 — fractalcore

oh poo
 — mandolyn

owe, pooh's eyes are round
and he poops round bullets, too,
which his nincompoop pears
like to nibble on, hehehe.

they're one of kind.
; )
 — fractalcore

Now you see that one I understand, and liked. Makes me wish I could write. :)
 — Solstice

hi Solstice,

of course you can write.
see, i can't even spell peers correctly.

i'll go check out your works soon.
thanks for reading my mediocrity.

; )
 — fractalcore

your mediocrity you said. it's where it takes you, eh?
 — unknown

wonderful calvin clavickles and all . .. . oy . . my spelling is out out out!!!!!!
 — funes