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My cat
eats rats
or bats (winged rats).
Why's dat?
     ^   ^
  ( =^^=)

2 Mar 10

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cuz yo cat is phat
 — mandolyn

is cigar-field?

must bee.
; )
 — fractalcore

mandolyn, that's a fact jack. fractalcore  is he Garfield? Too funny. Thank you both for the comments. Also did either one of you catch the acronym?
 — Redlander

if your going to rhyme "dat" you might as well start using forshizzle, to rhyme wit drizzle.
 — Solstice

well, you should show this to Ebony.

so it's an acrostic, as she fondly calls stuff like this.

: )
 — fractalcore

fractalcore you're right this is an acrostic not an acronym which would be M.e.o.W. not Meow. Solstice, forshizzle you sound like snoop. I was after a cat, rats, bats, and a dat rhymn to link the acrostic. Thanks all for the comments forshizzle.
 — Redlander