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linus inspired, carps himself

I WOULD fuck me ( but that's besides the point? and always sometimes true), but you YOU
gumdrop, banana splitter,
dresser of fancies...sometimes
your shoes curl inwards
as if embarrassed by your feet,
maybe your toes want to hug your
it makes you cry though, when i howl,
when my puppy dog leg rises, rubs,
spills its secrets into yours.
makes me sad for that, my blanket
stain of Mary, my Sally of soiled
kind of off too,
likening you to a jellyfish would be stupid
because you are a human being
and i aint into no bestiality.
you are though, i guess, want ta
rub ma poodle. he is Scottish.
and likes to be scratched
but not too hard, just a bit,
in betweens-- you know:
licks and kisses, soft kisses,
caress and hug...love???
maybe i would say that,
as i fold my leg(s),
could probably endear myself
to your sunshine,
slip myself, every now and then,
from the mouth of your

3 Mar 10

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I feel an inside story coming on....
 — mandolyn

love the inside references linus.  
it's got passion and the many things that make a creative and sentimental carp.

the poem seems to carry a slightly bitter tone to it, though
and almost made me cry in parts.

(you ended with ovaries, ha, how bizarre, but i get it). ;)  
 — jenakajoffer

i think maybe this is my version of a love poem, to you.
 — DeformedLion

i have to poke my nose in and say
you should remove 'would be stupid'
and change 'from' the mouth, to 'into' the mouth.

8-13 is my fave and blows me away.  thanks for mentioning Sally. ;)
great love pomme, thanks a.
 — jenakajoffer

hahaha, he is Scottish.  nice to read again
this was a good time of inspiration.
 — jenakajoffer