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fray-jen slip

awww, sweet.
is that your bellybutton?
orcan it be the only
unpaired nipply-titlet
your triplets are
trying to avoid?
[you fore there should
have your hare chucked
buy the barber floyd.]
1/3 sure looks odd,
buy the way -- eww
shoo-dent play faves
with jenetic waves
[or manic-talkin' 8balls]
owe boy! ovoid! they're
a quadruploid? orb eye
doG, eyes wear, mmm'eye
eyes, a big fool they are
for sure, for your big
poo-et-re c[h]ess[t]pool.

written 2/26/10

for jenakajoffer

this is she:  http://i47.tinypic.com/ao6cdv.jpg

you, chloe, & damian
take care always.

     /   \
      : )

7 Mar 10

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hope you like this, hehe.

; )
– fractalcore

Aww Jen someone wrote a poem for you!
That is sweet.
I'm gawna cr-eye.
– mandolyn

ey, RUBBER mandolyn.

coo-dent eew weight till
jen cooed take a bite
on the jell eBean?

hehe, jazzed kiddin'
yeah, RUBBER mandolyn.

thanks for stoppin'


; )
– fractalcore

ohh hoho, hahaha
you gotta love the title!

great poem fract, thank you!
i'm gooey with dedication.  you're next, toucan.
thanks for mentioning my litter ;)
– jenakajoffer

ey, you'll have to refave this thing
as soon as i've migrated it to its
real home.

can you leave my toucan alone for
jsut a sec?

hehe, looking forward to that next litter.
; )
– fractalcore

you've really let yourself go jen, if that pic is any indication.
– DeformedLion

you mean she's gone bonkers
at the muddy banks of the wishkah?

ooh, you know you're right.
you just reminded me of a dead
person, which is great, 'cause
i tend to deviate from how
awesome jen actually
looks in that photo
that eye

as a poem'oh'meant.
; )
– fractalcore

glad to be of serve
us and we are feathered friends
may i dine with your toucan soon?
– jenakajoffer

hello, big fellow...

; )
– fractalcore

you faved this, haha.
it is still lost in space then.

hello big bird.
– jenakajoffer

a feathered lady doG is a lovely image.
i'd worry about your quadroploids around
my toucan.

she's got this doormat, er dormant maternal
instinct that might go haywire around cute

maybe the quadruploid could forget about
your unpaired nipply-titlet for awhile and
dine at a separate table?

; )
– fractalcore

actually, i unfaved it.

thanks to your n'eyes scary eyes, hehe.
; )
– fractalcore

maybe we could leave the quadro and the feathers at home
and dine together with nise and the rubber-m?
– jenakajoffer

sounds like a plan.

i wonder how i can unglue my
arse from this chair, though.

is it a virtual restaurant on mars

does it serve radish?
: )
– fractalcore

ok, the old doG face has been replaced
with the new doG face.

now i crave for radish, er raddish, er, aum...
you know what that-ish, hehe.

: )
– causeimbored


: )
– fractalcore

so, there you are, poo.
– jenakajoffer

actually, it's pooH
with heavy emphasis
on the HHH, hehehe.

; )
– fractalcore


– mandolyn

i know it was pooh, but i prefer the other spellink
– jenakajoffer

know what, i think don tetto
was here awhile ago.

he froze the site for a teeny bit
so that we silly kids can no longer
have fun with those spell-links.

; )
– fractalcore

now let's talk about

rad@dish.see ?

: )
– fractalcore

Frackola, how many names do you have on here DOOD?
– mandolyn

jest thhhhhhhhrrrrrreeeeeee.

jazzed keeping close end true to
the triad rule, err wholly trinity

why owe whine?
: )
– fractalcore

It's fun seeing you pop up
all over the place.
Make haste and baste that paste.
– mandolyn

well, they can activate
the pop-up blocker
in their browser
if they want.

based on many a study,
mushrooms pop up even
when days are sunny.

but they can make haste
and paste me to the ground
if they got time to waste,

; )
– fractalcore
 — fractalcore

But do they have time to baste that paste?
 — mandolyn

you are soo gay, love.
 — unknown

a bass that pays tribute
to poets with deep
soulfool notes, yes.

end aye Om huh-pee
; )
 — fractalcore

i will fave this as soon as i come back fract
i love this, wow, your footnote :)
 — unknown

i know you're on and off
and laaaayzeeeee...

take your time, jen.
take care.

; )
 — fractalcore

hahaha, frig off Randy,
oohhh that was good ;)
 — unknown

randy hoo?

; )
 — fractalcore

google mr. lahey ;)
 — unknown

randy says mrs google is on vacation --
on a rodeo ride, to be exact.

; )
 — fractalcore

birthday happy burp,

be safe and keep safe
with the kids.


        /  \
        : )

[july 29, 2011]
 — fractalcore

http://tinyurl.com/jenak ajoffer

 — fractalcore