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Snoopy line dances

my friend is normal
has a love hate relationship
with food
hates stick-men playing stick
likes being monitored-taken
and cared for
i love her,
laugh when she tells me
of bras flung
her talk makes me hungry,
realise love is lost,
tells me about out weddings
she reminds me
of snoopy
dressed for woodstock

for jen

8 Mar 10

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hahaha!  love it.
 — jenakajoffer

is the blank in L9
secret code?
 — unknown

is L 14 "at weddings?"
this is a cool write!
a ha ha funny~
 — mandolyn

is there a reason for the apostrophes in l10, 11 and 14?  
 — unknown

Ha, i dont know ask google.
 — unknown

i had a Snoopy too, and when i ran away from home when i was six i packed him in my Snoopy bag, took my polkadot umbrella and sat at the top of the hill.  
made my cry, this.
 — unknown

wonderfully written
 — stout

Love this
 — psychofemale

thank you,
i love this poem,
nice, i like the change in line 9.
 — jenakajoffer

Not a nit.  This is delicious.  
 — sybarite

I enjoyed this little thing quite a bit, you bitch.
 — Hesher