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when she purrs, she purrs
and purrs and purrs and purrs and
when she purrs, she purrs.

18 Mar 10

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i can't be certain but this appears to be about a cat. how awesome.
 — DeformedLion

most real of all the 'haiku' ever posted here; most close to what the originals wanted to do -- set a relationship between the real you can hear and the textures of 'things in your life which make you want to talk to yourself like a butterfly'. : )

nicely done.
 — bmikebauer

Your comments get suspended where you fail to respect the author's art space in your obsessive quest to battle someone else with whom you refuse to contact privately offsite.  
 — plath

a mod talking about one member respecting another members art space when bmikebauer has for so long been given free reign to abuse and insult and harass in this self same "art space"?
 — unknown

as for obsession, you under-estimate it. bmikebauer set this in motion, and now it is a perpetual motion engine, drawing from its own purpose.
once he stops, completely, then so will it, as he empowered it, and now sustains it.
 — unknown

HA! love it.
this is awesome.
 — mandolyn

Curious?  I beg to differ.  It is "personal" and it is obsessive.  Take your hatred to private emails.  No one in this workshop is even remotely concerned with your (or bmikebauer's) antics or differences.  They are distracting, annoying and petty.    
 — plath

Furthermore, why should innocent artists be reeled into your game?  Their works should not have to be disgraced.  They are innocent.  Again, take your obsessive and pointless hatred to private email.  It is not wanted here.
 — plath

Point your finger at the right target, then you'll get the picture.
 — unknown

Also, are you saying that bmikebauer has never taken things to a "personal" level?
You need a PC history lesson.
 — unknown

One might think that a larger mindset would prevail here and that the bigger, smarter person would know enough to back off and let meaningless fires die.  You apparently do not even know bmikebauer and yet are driven to insane floodings of the workshop and forums with hateful, spiteful site abuse.  Either end it by ignoring it or perpetuate the cycle, but PLEASE DO NOT expose it to others who are simply here to enjoy the craft of writing.  You appear to be quite smart.  Please, think about this and change your behaviour.  It really serves no purpose other than that of upsetting yourself and the rest of the participants here.    
 — plath

insane floodings? how descriptive. it is all in proportion, i assure you. the day bauer stops, the day this stops. he long ago gave up any validity for his reasons to be here, by setting in motion his own self confessed development of his own art, this came at the expense of everyone else without consideration for them, they being just ingredients in his mix, as he sees it, to enhance and empower his creativity, again at the expense of everyone, and everything else here.
this is the insanity being confronted.
perspective is essential when using such terms.
 — unknown

cute and very awesome.
 — unknown

a haikiku in cat-aclysmic proportions?
purrrr-fcat, yeah.

: )
 — fractalcore


ta very much eveybodys :)
 — unknown

Got the furr flying, didn't she.
 — NicMichaels

Very cool
 — BxPR

 — Solstice

Dumb.  Sorry.  A second grader could have done this.  
 — unknown

wood a second grader half done it?
 — unknown

That was purrfect
 — pasnitro