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a circle’s redundancy
the indecisive number 5
the spectacle of gore
the boredom of breathing
a heaven too high to reach
god's dependence on man
the clash of religious certainties
the fear to move forward
the folly of backtracking
insolent hindsight
and the fallacy of prophecy
masses parched on a liquid planet
the dichotomy of “or”
the confusion of choice
and the clarity of shackles
birthrights and laws
a world bound by relativity
the certainty of death
haves enabled by have-nots
tears of joy
and nervous laughter
the inevitability of rubbernecking
letting go
holding on
the refusal of both

20 Mar 10

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not sure about the last paragraph. i like line 24
 — unknown

Not a big fan of the list poem, but this is purdy dag burn smart. Love L4, and the flourish at the end. Nice work.
 — NicMichaels

thanks. i realize this poem probably wont work for a lot of people but i decided to post anyway.
 — unknown

Hopefully, you'll be surprised. There's all types here, anyhoo.
 — NicMichaels

Love it.
 — Morcius

thanks for the reads. cheers
 — unknown

Given the topic and the format of the poem, I expected preaching, but what I got was a lot more human and understated. I think the ending lacks a touch of finality, but still a good read. Love 8, and you left it plain and unassuming and how that was just exactly enough.
 — Crayon

i tried to leave room for the readers perspective. thanks for the read
 — nemissk8

I think the ending is wistful, acknowledging there is no end to irony. Perfect. Don't touch a thing.
 — NicMichaels

thanks man
 — nemissk8

i enjoyed the irony and the contrasts.  clever and unexpected when i first started reading it which made me continue.....
 — Tandisol

appreciate the read Tandisol  
 — nemissk8