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ballad to a familiar stranger

sing " you are my sunshine"
in the music of the hawk
I am a passing stranger
in your crowded mind
where are my pines?
give me their silence
only the dirt has settled across my eyes
do you own my memory?
is it on a quiet mountain
sloped with teeth and yarn?
meet me at resting lilacs
the air here is no longer sweet
like soft June in her hair
who are you lost stranger
with miles in your face
cathedrals are calling me
but I belong in the slipstream
can you paint the sky in minor keys
death is panting at my leg
the ten commandments
riding up my sleeve
I ponder them in cold delusion
windswept lovers on the street
old beer can oceans in my room
can you see them?
is it your face that's manifested on the aluminum
tap dance the final rays of the sun with me
smoggy stranger
infant to my eyes
friend of my cracked senses

22 Mar 10

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This is excellent.
You need a ? at the end of L26
I love the ending too.
 — mandolyn

thanks mandolyn....glad you enjoyed