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irish at the essex

sometimes i just like it
like a bath
or a fountain, there is water-  see
it or clown in it--
beaker your mouth,
burst of berry,
that gripe of
blue stain,
your-  you, see,
i can't quite fix that,
your tongue
shoots words
faster than
the breeze.
its spittle in my face,
your irish-ness,
that heart thing
demanding so little of me,
just the wonder
of a
   brash hello.

24 Mar 10

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i love this!! i really do, and not just because my baby loves everything irish, but because .. ah.. this is so nice and simple and sweet. I love lines 10-15 especially. I really enjoyed this. I think i myt even fave this one.. sure will do.
 — majan

damn.  :)
 — jenakajoffer

Egads! This is gold nugget!
 — mandolyn

A^ between is and gold.
 — mandolyn

what, pray tell, does your last comment mean? I have pondered and pondered and all i have are wet socks and even wetter shoes.
 — DeformedLion

word-spit at the speed of the wind with an Irish red edginess to take you by 'sturm and drang' which typically depicts the struggles of a highly emotional individual against convention... blew you away, eh -- nice imagism with a current of passion moving through it ...
 — AlchemiA

Oh, it means I forgot to put an 'a'  between is and gold in my first comment.
 — mandolyn

(so it would read "is a gold nugget")
 — mandolyn

My wife is Irish and I can SO relate to this.  I am particularly struck by the last two stanzas--an excellent piece.
 — PaulS

sometimes i just like a bath
unlike most cats
who lick and lick
and spittle
while in your face
i fountain
and fawn in your youth
mewling hello,
and play with heart strings
blank and buzzing
in the burst of your nippling
lipples and carp seed.
 — jenakajoffer

jena loves deform
deform loves deform
kiss kiss kissing
in a puzzle tree
silly little monkeys
just want to play with peat
little monkeys always;
love smell's of dirt-
little monkeys just
love to flirt
little monkey plays
with jim-bobs tail
tells them quick
we can make it sail

Thanks that made me giggle.

Does it read ok?
 — unknown

umm, yes. i like it.
 — DeformedLion