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smoke break at the work release facility

she uses me
i know it
she knows it too
usually comes around
when her latest boyfriend
runs out of dope
or kicks her out
we got a daughter together
guess that's what
keeps her in my heart
some stupid hope
we'll both turn a corner
and have something like
little house on the prairie
you know?
he says
lighting another

30 Mar 10

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Hmmmm...sounds like the smokebreaks here!  LOL!  Yep.  I feel it.  I may never know who you are, but I've always been a fan of those blue collar work poems that you (assuming it's been YOU) put out.  They're so relatable and true to the form.  Keep it up, brotha!
 — starr

 — mandolyn

Oh laura, where is our log . .. cabin?
 — unknown

Is this a guard talking to an inmate? If not, how does "she" come around? If it's an authority figure humanized for the narrator by his own struggles, it could be shown better without being announced and losing the tangental quality of the write.
 — NicMichaels