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Chris And The Big Nose


If power were measured against the size of one's nose,
I would be the most powerful person... in the room.
My nose and I are inseparable.
When I was born, the doctor thought my mother
was having twins.
My dad silently cursed the idea of paying for
another college tuition.
But alas, we are one.
I've recently come to terms with
the power I hold on the front of my face.
I sometimes pity my mouth and eyes.
They were slow on grabbing good real estate.
Anywho, it was not until last year that I became
conscious of the size of my shnozz.
I was quietly quizzing myself on Roman Sculpture
for an upcoming Art History exam when I discovered
a shocking image.
This nose belonged to Julius Caesar!
This exact nose! Caesar! My nose!
I then discovered it on other powerful faces.
Alexander the Great!
Had this nose.
Abraham Lincoln!
Had this nose.
Joseph Stalin!
Had this nose.
Richard Nixon!
Had a similar nose, maybe a close relative.
I became obsessed with the history of my nose.
I'd spend hushed hours in the library, obsessing
over finding my nose's past. Finding him.
One late August afternoon, my uncle was
dropping me off at the library when he
shared some words that made a great
impression on my nostrils.
"Remember Chris, with great nose comes great responsibility."
So today, I look at people with a new perspective.
In fifty, a hundred, five hundred years, a boy will
look in the mirror and say,
"This is a Cubbison nose."
I will do great things.
I nose it.

1 Apr 10

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heh, this is fantastic. I have a great aesthetic love for big noses, they are the greatest defining feature on many a face!

excellent story.
 — jharrison

Intriguing and funny poem.  Enjoyed reading all the way through.  Nice write.
 — JKWeb

Thanks for the reads!
 — cubbzor

Enjoyable and immediate.  L1-2:  I like the slightly self-deprecatory "...in the room" at the end of L2, kind of a literary rimshot after the trumpeting (hehehe) of "I would be the most powerful person..."  L3-5 read like Groucho Marx.  Love it!
 — kokoshiko

Thank you! It was fun to write. It was liberating to write about a subject that others might be to self-conscious to even approach.
 — cubbzor

this is great...you must nose it!
 — bowiegirl

 — cubbzor

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