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We do live on several faults,
each and every bum of us:
two are mounds, and one, it cracks,
from which stuff, and gas, attacks.

8 Apr 10

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HAHAHAHAHA!  I can't say it's the best poem ever but it certainly is amusing, in a 5th grade boy kind of way.  
 — Isabelle5

Dear Dizzybelle! I'm just checking in at about eight PM, which is about three hours EARLIER than your time, PST time (pissed-time), or POST QUAKER time!

Pssants/guests, honored interlobsters here:  am in Prof. Sillyread-mode, of course, right now.

Credit is due to ISABELLE, for her QUAKE emergency report, here,
provided ALL of the material needed for this tiny, PUCKISH, "pome-thang".

Look at my user-name, all? "Humorist, absurdist..." and so forth.  Be sure
to ENJOY the GIANT, modest, totally NAKED image of my fifty-five year old self?
I never, no, not ever, can be called an "attention whore".  Why?  A:

I might become confused with being ISABELLE,


Thank  you for the Friggin SEVEN.  That's like getting half-child-chewed, discarded into the dirt of the garden of perVERSE, gift.  Thank you, dear
QUEEN MAB of PC.  I wuvs you.  Less saliva on the "cookie" (seven more, please?) next time?

Thank you for the GREAT STORY idea.  You are my love and my muse,
and in truth: you do "own" me.

Your happy "slav" ....polish me?

 — R_Reid_Welch