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Lost Jelly Bean

Somebody dropped their the jelly bean,
it wasn't my jelly bean,
but it was, A, jelly bean,
and now it's crushed.
Smeared into the sidewalk like used candy,
sugar crystals devoid of ant like interests,
maybe if somebody had not stepped on them,
the ant's would feast a-la thanksgiving.
And on the bottom of that persons shoe,
federal aid for those Formicidae slowly wears away,
on side walk and pavement alike,
maybe on that persons floor mat, what a shame.
Somebody dropped a Jelly Bean,
and all his fellow beans of jelly tried to follow him,
what a sad buffalo run from the box it must have been,
taking the plunge from child like delight as they did.
Somebody dropped a Jelly Bean,
A jelly bean hath been dropped,
stepped on and shunned by the insect community,
devoid of it's sole ambition of happiness.

14 Apr 10

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Fantastic. Lines 17-18 are awesome. xD
 — radiogirl

Interesting write! I really like this one :D!!! :D:D
 — psychofemale

where's you at froggi?
 — unknown

it's a good thing high fructose corn syrup doesn't have a soul

but i liked this very much. witty and wacky.

"fellow beans of jelly"-- haha, love it.
 — mandolyn

I don't get the first sentence...what?
 — unknown

so cute i love this, but L1 "their the jelly bean"? maybe you wanted it that way i don't know, but just in case you didn't notice :)
 — justagirlx3