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The ampersand of Benjy’s lot
Of no sequential order lay
For the shadow that walks amongst
Poor players, strutting time away.
Where drifting leaves and rain descends
As fleeting dreams cross summer lawns,
The resurrected love and life
when twilight meets the endless dawns.
A voice carried from afar
Brought on the winds of memory
A face that looked out from a crowd
From long ago, or yesterday
To light the way to dusty death
When all the sound and fury came,
His world still moves with no accord.
He’ll not turn round to look again.

17 Apr 10

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the steadfast tin soldier
remembered site rules
and married a ballerina
because he stayed cool.
 — unknown

This is a take on the character of William Faulkner's  Benjy, from 'the sound and the fury' passage in MacBeth. The severly retarded 'idiot man-child' character may be realisticaly improbable, but is none the less fasinating in Faulkners portrayal of a person living in a world of constantly alternating time sequencies where all memories are presented as happening in real time.
 — matrinh20

Wow, I am impressed with the rhyme, and you haven't sacrificed any of the poem's integrity to make it that way.
 — Rynne

The rhyme is quite awesome! :D:D:D
 — psychofemale

pure poetry! A plus plus plus (is your name Ralphie?)
this is quite simply one of the most lovely poems i've read here.  
well done. :)
 — jenakajoffer

Excellent poem!  Very enjoyable read.
 — mtharp

Glad you liked, and thanks for kindly reviews, I like the way this site works in the way of crits, write something below par and there is always plenty of folk who let you know what a crap writer you are. by the same token, write something half decent and you get posz feedback.  both these are important in developing your writing, and much is v helpful. linbetween this are the loonytoons and the seriously intellectually deficient who may, on occation, write something funny or interesting or disparaging, whatever, my advice, when entering this site, leave your ego by the door.
Who is Ralphie, and why would my name be Ralphie?
 — matrinh20

Ralphie, yes...inside reference, sorry.

I asked if your name was Ralphie because in the film A Christmas Story, Ralphie's teacher (in his daydream) gives him an 'A' plus, plus, plus on his theme.  It's one of my favourite flicks :)

still love your poem.
 — jenakajoffer