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[I am a bigot]

I am a bigot,
I am a racist.
I am a creationist.
I am a gay-hater,
former slave-trader.
god lover
Global Warming denier.
Bush supporter,
book burner.
Gun-toting advocate,
nationalist patriot.
I am a minuteman
I gun down dirty immigrants for Uncle Sam , or
scare some niggers in the name of the Klan,
because I can.
I kill 'cuz I'm pro-life.
Against faggy marriages 'cuz I can't
hold onto a normal one with my wife.

1 May 10

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i hate your poem BECAUSE I HAVE THE RIGHT!
 — unknown

^did you read 17 & 18 ?
 — unknown

love the lines breaks... nice rhythm... reminds me of Keats... I thought I read this in the New Yorker
 — jpmhawk

You speak for millions of Christians all over the world.
 — unknown

well hell.
 — psychofemale

Ironically, this is a very shallow, narrow-minded, bigoted generalization of Christians.  Well written, though.  Do you represent atheists or agnostics?  Either way, I won't judge them all by the vitriolic, hate-filled words spewed in this poem.
 — mtharp

I am a Christian and Gays ARE going to hell.
I resent this poem. You are obviously an unbeliever
and are under God's wrath.
Killing your enemies and also slavery are in the Bible.
 — unknown

When I think of all the harm the bible has done,
I despair of ever writing anything to equal it O.o
 — svart

If religious instruction were not allowed until
the child had attained the age of reason,
we would be living in a quite different world.
 — unknown

There is no truth in this poem.
 — unknown

I am a bigot in 'brackets'

 — unknown

This poem was written to represent how polarizing opinions can either lead to bigotry, or get confused as such.  After reading these comments, I still stand by that idea.  In no way am I describing myself or any specific group of people (excluding the KKK or any Minutemen organization), rather the overall concept of bigotry itself.

In regards to the Christian comments, I'm not talking about Christianity. There are radicals in every religion. I'll changed "God" to "god" to reaffirm that.
 — cubbzor

i like the 'box' the bigot sits in.

nice work.
 — unknown

I just joined this site.
I said below the 17 & 18
and i am bigot in 'brackets'

Looks like this will be fun.

Good write.
 — Quen

certainly a poem that engenders reflection. had you considered providing images of bigotry from a panoply of sources (to create a kind of cubist portrait of a bigot)? or do you find it's more cogent as a singular representation? also, why the change in voice, so to speak, between the two strophes? for example, you use the shortened "cuz" and the contraction "can't" in the 2nd strophe, but eschew contractions and use complete words in the first. perhaps you should try the whole poem in the sort of unpolished voice of the second strophe?
 — c_holden

Guys like the one you describe are unfortunately numerous
 — larrylark

logically, what you are saying is that unless we live in a dictatorship, we'd all just choose bigotry.  as if the right to freedom of speech and truth needed to be put into a ridiculously extreme light.  a lot of good things come out of the right to express yourself truthfully, and you chose to explore the more aborrant ones.  
 — unknown

That's a good question holden. Looking back, I think I wanted to fragment the voices so it seemed like many different types of people were speaking in the same poem.
 — cubbzor

but everybody's secretly a little bit microfacist...
 — Salamander

 — unknown

poetry isn't blog, and it's not like having to write a poem forced you to think. the ideas you're listing are short enough, and common to our culture, and can be said succinctly, like this. but, there's no room for the reader to walk around in this, it's all a show on stage, and that keeps it from being a poem.
 — bmikebauer

I'll agree with that mike. However, I did that on purpose
 — cubbzor

Umm, christians do not hate any race nor gays. There is a BIG difference between hating and not agreeing with. And race? C'mon! I don't know where you get this stuff. I love all races!! And I am a christian. Anyone who says they are a christian and thinks this way, are not truly saved, and never were to begin with. God knows who are His, and many may claim to know God, but that doesn't mean they do. Not Christ followers...which is what a christian is.
 — mandolyn

p.s obviously this is a funny poem to whoever wrote it-- I am responding to the third unk who replied to this ^ above.
 — mandolyn

"...The lie is my expense
The scope with my desire
The party blessed me with its future
And i protect it with fire
I am the nina, the pinta, the santa maria
The noose and the rapist, the fields overseer
The agents of orange
The priests of hiroshima
The cost of my desire
Sleep now in the fire..."

Rage Against the Machine

Your poem reminded me of this song.  Good to have in the head.
 — CervusWright

i fucking love that song. reminds me of uni days. ^
 — unknown

That's a great one Cervus
 — cubbzor

Interesting at the very least. I think it is definitely a little one-sided (I know many non-creationists who are nonetheless bigots) but it is a powerful idea. As a gay person I can't help the immediate "THANK YOU" response, but in reality this is not really anything new. I think if you broadened it a little and made it less semi-idiomatic, it could be very nice.
 — ishtarboy300

Christians do not hate gays?
Working hard to keep gays from having the basic rights that everyone else enjoys isnt just bigotry - it is hatred in a nutshell.
 — unknown

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