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to burn on both sides of the world

to have been where i was once,
simple and true,
was so beautiful in its subjectivity.
without you i would never remember that
because it wouldn't matter if not for
my fingers stretching in new ways,
pockets filled with a kiss for later and
abandoned swing sets like catapults
toward the fiery novas i'd like to burn inside.
you dissolve like sand within me.
always in november we breathe these borderline-sighs,
ponder dismissive diagnosis-es framing all the insanity and the hurt,
(because you're either up or you're down,
there is nothing in between.)
argue over words that act like a veil for causes and vulnerability
none of it becomes you,
or rather prevent the becoming of you.
i have five pints,
five minutes,
five hours, days, years, lifetimes,
and i would give you anything
if you would but take it from my hands.
all i would have you do
is breathe
the ashes of me.

10 May 10

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I really really enjoyed this-- but I would not spell out breathe that way- I would leave it as breathe, as this is a sentiment- a love story- and the periods in between each letter there seem to mess that up.
Great write~
 — mandolyn

Really liked this
 — psychofemale

thank you both for your thoughts, i really appreciate it :)
 — brokenarrows