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For Nobody

I can't help but
feel so painless,
I can't bury my pride below.
I can't wait to
see you standing
there as you smile "hello".
It's been ten years
since I saw you last,
my have you grown.
My mind has eased
the time between
the years I have known.
So look at me
for sweet release,
remember the times before.
You're the flower to my bee,
the branches to my tree,
the wings to my crow.
When you glide away
I'll remember that day,
the day you were my own.
I'd like to say
I was smiling in a way,
but today I am alone.

23 May 10

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 — poette

lovely little piece. thanks. funes.
 — unknown

You might consider a different bird at L17 - something less sinister than poor old crowy.
 — Abracadabra

If you must rhyme, you need consistency throughout.  To say this is cliche would be too easy.  Ten years later with no contact and you're still in a delusional state about how much you were loved?  

There is no authenticity in this, only emotion masquerading as a poem wanna be.
 — unknown

very touching. loved it
 — psychofemale


What if I told you I was trying to illustrate that delusional state? Define consistent rhyme, because I think this rhyme is, for the most part, consistent
 — cubbzor

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