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if there's any irony to be culled at this point in the narrative

it's that here
thirty-two years old
like a union pipe fitter
clothes from goodwill
a dented up
kia rio
i pull
three times
the pussy
i did at twenty-two
when i had
the body
of a gymnast
a shiny black
celica gt
and a closet
full of
tight fitting
euro trash.

25 May 10

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Interesting one. I like it a lot though
 — psychofemale

Lose the word "up" in line 7.

It's a decent slice of life, but I wonder what else is different twixt 22 and 32: I'd think it was maturity over the perception of style, but lines 9-10 put maturity in doubt.
 — Bloodfetish

if this was a photo in black and white, my teacher -- tom knight -- would have said that it was very well seen. three's detail but it's not over done, and the photo stops at the edges and doesn't make me want to tilt it to see the rest of it. nicely worded, compact but the sounds you use stand in for textures and smells -- synesthetic write, and difficult to do.

glancing at the comments, not understanding why the 'up' has to be in line 7 is to read a poem like a newspaper article. finding the pulse in a poem is part of the reading part.

nice writing.
 — bmikebauer

i'll have to learn to write like this,
but that means i'll have to discard
me first.

this is trash in gold dust.
; )
 — fractalcore